Whitening mask recipes

Facial skin whitening masks can be bought in specialized stores, or made at home. Recipes do not contain expensive ingredients; they are easy to prepare; the process itself does not take much time. But their effectiveness is at the highest level. Masks contribute to smoothing the tone of the face, reducing the severity of skin imperfections. They will be a great help for people who have pigmented spots.

Before choosing the optimal mask, it is necessary to study the composition of masks created according to folk recipes in order to avoid individual intolerance of any components or allergic reaction. Also, some rules should be followed to ensure that the effectiveness is rapid, and no negative consequences are foreseen.


  1. The ready composition is best applied with a brush.
  2. If the skin is oily, the mask should be applied for no more than 15 minutes. I case of dry skin – no more than 5 minutes.
  3. If discomfort or burning sensation is observed during application, the product should be immediately washed off with warm water.
  4. The mask is applied to a skin that has been previously cleaned, dried with a towel or napkin.
  5. For preparation of the composition, only hypoallergenic components should be used.
  6. Medical masks are applied by certain courses, between which there should be an interval.

The popularity of folk recipes is explained by the availability of ingredients, minimal costs, short time of preparing, and high efficiency. People prone to allergies should consult a doctor-cosmetologist. Mixtures must be prepared in a certain amount, preferably for single use, as natural components quickly lose their quality.

Of the many recipes it is difficult to choose the one that will bring the expected result. It is necessary to use several available means, choosing among them the most optimal:

  1. Parsley contributes to the whitening of the skin, getting rid of the spots received from sun tanning. To prepare the composition, take 30 ml of potato broth, mix it with 2 tablespoons of kefir (clabber), add crushed parsley and oat flakes. The mask is applied for 30 minutes; then washed off with warm water.
  2. Curd is a product that excellently helps with the excessive deposition of melanin. 2-3 dessert spoons are mixed with one egg yolk, couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide is added to the mixture. Apply a composition for 25 minutes; remove with a moistened cotton pad.
  3. When using a product containing hydrogen peroxide, you need to be careful; there should be no wounds and skin damage. Soak oat flakes in milk, dilute with 6 drops of the product. Apply only if pigmentation occurs.
  4. A universal mask, suitable for any type of skin, is created on the basis of lemon juice mixed with milk, vodka and sugar. The number of components is determined independently. Apply it for 15-20 minutes, wash off with cool water.
  5. Aloe juice has anti-inflammatory properties; also it narrows large pores. It is the basis of many recipes. For example, the juice of a healing plant can be mixed with dry milk and the flesh of fresh cucumber. You’ll get a wonderful mask, rejuvenating and whitening skin.
  6.  Decoction of mint, which is used as a tonic for wiping the face skin, will help to increase the tonus of the face. You can soak the cheesecloth, folded in several layers, with this infusion, and hold it on your face for half an hour.
  7.  Dairy products contribute to getting rid of not only stains, but also acne, spoiling the image. Masks made of sour cream, milk, cottage cheese, fermented milk and kefir with the addition of crushed oat flakes help restore the smoothness and elasticity of the facial skin, making it soft and clean.

The choice of a mask is purely individual. A recipe that helps one person may not have the desired effect when used by another person. Therefore, by trial and error, each person chooses the most suitable means for himself and enjoys the result!whi

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